Comment . Comment . Comment

A re-visit of Group Material - Democracy Poll / Demokratische Erhebung, 1990
Paula-Marie Kanefendt and Sven Bergelt

The starting point of comment . comment . comment was the idea of a re-encounter with the artistic intervention "Democracy Poll/ Demokratische Erhebung" by the artist collective Group Material from 1990. The work deals, among other things, with the topics: nationalism, racism, right-wing populism and anti-democratic tendencies. In 1990 Group Material conducted 120 interviews with passers-by in Germany and the USA. Reading the texts, it became apparent that, under the current right-wing populism and shift to the right, they were more topical than ever. Comment . comment . comment is an intervention in public space: a selection of the 1990s interviews was printed on postcards and presented in a postcard rack at ’Ku‘Damm-Eck‘. Passers-by were invited to discuss the contents of the interviews and comment anonymously on the reverse. Thus an examination of the political, socio-critical and historical content of the 1990 intervention and the continuity of racism, democracy and patriotism was initiated. In addition, a lecture performance in the nGbK contextualized the historical conditions and the genesis of the work.

comment, Sven Bergelt comment, Sven Bergelt comment, Sven Bergelt comment, Sven Bergelt comment, Sven Bergelt comment, Sven Bergelt Installation views, Ku'damm-Eck, Berlin